Tuesday, 25 December 2018


“If we can't reach our destination by simply reciting a railway or airways timetable,
then how can we reach our true house of Lord by merely reading a Holy book??!!

If we can't satisfy our hunger by simply reading the recipe book daily,
then how can we satisfy the urge of our soul to meet its beloved
Lord by reading spiritual scriptures day and night??!!

If we can't cure our bodily diseases by only reading the prescriptions by the Doctor or books of medical science regularly,
then how can we cure the disease of illusion from our mind and soul by every day repeating the books by the ‘Divine Doctors’ like a parrot??!!

And last but not the least...

If can't become a scientist by never going to school ever but only celebrating the ‘Birthday of Einstein’ every year,
then when and how can we ourselves become divine, holy, spiritual or delete our karma by merely celebrating the ‘Birthday of the Great Saint(s) - The AVATAR(s) of GOD’??!!

Why do we take life for granted??

Why aren't we truly serious about our soul’s ultimate evolution in the creation??

Why aren’t we planning to get out of this foolish domain of time, matter and space and the futile worldly pursuits??

We are grownups … not kids…

-@Rishi_Babbar, Mumbai, India,
25 December 2018, 23:40 hrs IST