Friday, 27 October 2017

The Binary Kingdom

By @Rishi_Babbar | 27 October 2017

With the rise of computers in almost every field today, the artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be a superior and better “employee” for most MNCs. The recent trend of reducing the employees in the name of company profits has been very disheartening. Many IT companies have had thousands of job-cuts in the past few months/years than ever before; rather this was unheard of. This act of job-cut is so inhuman. Indian mystics have often said that:

किसिका दिल तोडना तो दूर, दुखाना भी एक गुनाह है ।
क्योंकि हर दिल में पर्मात्मा वस्ता है । ”  

Even in the mid-sized businesses there have been job-cuts as machines with higher capabilities become affordable for these companies. Especially in the automobile manufacturing sector, the robotic arms have lured the owners to reduce human arms as these lifeless arms work faster with greater accuracy and without tiring. There is obviously no comparison of these machines with humans on the physical level, as machines do not demand any appraisal or lunch break as humans do.

As the phenomena of this artificial intelligence reaches zenith, there will come a time when majority of the things in the world will be computer controlled as we see in the movies; and human may perhaps do the job of maintaining these machines, until these metallic-organisms become self- sustaining. Talking about movies I would like to remind the reader and the students of art and science that most of the gadgets in early Bond movies are a reality today and we use those things today in our daily life, perhaps some things more powerful and enhanced. At the same time, it can be a havoc situation in the world if the workers remain unemployed, in spite of being capable and skilled. Only when there is some insolvable dilemma with these dead workers, the CEOs may realize the need for the human power which they previously declined to use.

Lastly as the saying goes, “Man learns from his own mistakes.” People of the future may heal the damage they have unknowingly done to the society and may try to rectify this situation. The cause to any problem is the loss of equilibrium. I am not cursing technology altogether, we love it, I just want to say that there can be a sufficient balance between humans and machines in the workplace, why throw humans who made the machines in the first place? I think that would be the day of great achievement & prestige, when this happens and everything is in harmony.


Thursday, 26 October 2017

My views on - Vegetarianism

By @Rishi_Babbar  |  26 October 2017 

It is very important to choose a proper diet for ourselves for various reasons. But which diet is proper, healthy and eco-friendly? This is the question that many of us will ponder upon.  Let’s examine some of the facts of being a vegetarian.
Looking at the structure of the human body, we notice that it is not designed in a way to eat meat or inject dead bodies. Rather in my eyes, any animal product cannot be a food at all. Even the Bible asks us not to kill. It refers to stop killing of any life. And many great men such as Mahatma Gandhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Pythagoras, Albert Einstein, Emperor Asoka, Maharaj Sawan Singh, Nizami Ganjavi, Socrates, Confucius, St. Matthew, St. Thomas, Leonardo Da Vinci, Tukaram, George Bernard Shaw, Guru Nanak, Saint Kabir and all Indian/global saints were/are vegetarians! And they have also provided statements as to why should a person be vegetarian.
From a health point of view, consumption of foul, fish, meat and eggs is carcinogenic. And according to a recent study, there are new headlines coming up that meat eating is cancerous and thus a vital threat to our system. There is also a question of mercilessly killing animals who are helpless compared to humans and are entitled to our mercy.
It is so funny that a person who eats meat, when visiting a Doctor, starts trembling with fear looking at the syringe but is unaware of the pain caused to the poor animal, which he had the night before! How can a flesh-eater come under the classification of “homo-sapiens”?
From a spiritual perspective, killing is a heinous crime and According to the universal law of “actions”, described by all the great men in their holy books.
“Ye are the top of the creation”, says the Bible and being at the top, it is the prime duty of human beings to look after and care for his brothers and sisters (other species); and not to kill and eat them.
Isn’t this daily terrorism for all those animals who are slaughtered every day to satisfy our pallet?
This also proves that man is super-selfish because he calls it “terrorism” when he himself is in agony but at the same time justifies that meat eating is okay! Then in my eyes such people have no right to complain and mustn’t fear when their airplane is about to crash land! Stomach is not a grave yard, you see.

Let me tell you my definition of "FOOD" : Some selected plants and herbs are the only food for those among us who want to be called a human being. Anything that can think, walk and has intelligence is not food for us. If those creatures were food, they would come to the butcher by their own will and request him to take their life. It is sinful to forcefully shed blood for our stomach, therefore I support "Vegetarianism".
At last, one who adheres to a vegetarian diet, stays perfectly healthy provided he has a proper overall lifestyle as diet is not merely the only factor for health. Vegetarianism is the ethical way to survive.