Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Padmaavatian Spirituality

By @Rishi_Babbar | 31 January 2018 


"How deeply are we engrossed in earning fake perishable wealth, what about the true divine wealth?"

Every fairy-tale has a certain hidden spiritual truth which the story tries to convey to its audience, readers and the keen listeners & observers. What happens in the story is immaterial in our life if we take it literally, it’s not exact. But if we understand the moral of the story and the hidden treasures of humanity and apply those principles and adopt it as a way of our life or mold ourselves into those heroes from the story, then there is a high probability of us becoming a true human being and elevate one’s consciousness and that’s what the film ‘Padmaavat’ projects. Rather than judging any film within the various parameters and poking the creators, we must always look for what the story tries to teach us after all and filter the ‘bad things’ and save the ‘good things’ in our brains’ hard drive. We must appreciate the art of the makers. There was no artificial camera back then in the 13th century; then what is the basis to compare whether the film is absolutely correct historically or not. Rubbish minds shout as if they have the CCTV footage of that time of the Chittorfort. Ha ha ha….

….The positive characters in the film of Queen Padmavati and King Ratan Singh radiate high level of purity in heart and mind and that is what has become a matter of concern in this so called modern society of ours, because there are only a very few souls that have a purity of heart in the Kalyuga. As we know that soul, originally when it descended from the Lord’s house to this creation was pure, innocent and was not interested in anything of this physical, perishable and rubbish material world of physicality & duality. It is the mind that has engulfed the soul which has become dirty and impure. Mind is the only hindrance between us and the Lord. Mind accumulates karmas, deeds or actions whether good or bad. The villain character of ‘Sultan Alauddin Khilji’ is the mind within every one of us which has become the rogue elephant as Guru Nanak has described it. It loves variety and becomes blinded by the innumerable sensual pleasures and doesn’t get that contentment and satisfaction from any worldly taste…. Why? Because it has tasted the nectar or the ‘amrit’, the Holy Word, Spirit or the Name of the Lord prior to descending from the third region or otherwise called as the Causal realm or ‘Brahm’ which is the last junction before the fence of time and space, on the souls’ upward journey, while going out of the creation towards the timelessness during meditation. No matter how many tastes it indulges in here on this planet, it will never be contented because the taste of the Lord’s Power, the Audible Life Stream, is far greater that these false worldly pleasures, which is an absolute wholesome applied science.

Many in the audiences may think that the character Ratan Singh committed mistakes in dealing with Khilji, but the other side of the coin is the spiritual values that great souls like Ratan Singh had been bestowed by his elders, except the corrupt teacher shown in the film. These are the most vital elements of becoming a bright and a shining soul in the divine court. Such was the purity of heart in the people of that era in India which has now been infiltrated by the western culture, which learnt everything from the east but hardly ever mentioned the truth; this is the greatest example of plagiarism. “Live and let live” is the funda of most Indian Kings and they may have lost the worldly wealth. But for foolish invaders, “live and let die” is the funda for ‘winning’ fake wealth, which is sign of weakness of mind in spirituality, in the eyes of the Supreme Being. Khilji had no control over his mind when the mind dictates him to indulge in the pleasures of the nine apertures of the human body; he just obeyed his corrupt mind. His mind system got infected with the virus and got no antivirus. Most people believe that worldly currency is final, which is not so. The real wealth, currency or the genuine diamond is that everlasting, perpetual, omnipresent, omniscient power, that nectar of life which is within every one of us and is making electrons move around in orbit around the nucleus of every atom, the Audible Life Stream, which has created everything. That’s why Socrates said, “Know thyself”, because it is only then that we can access the divine internet and gain all true knowledge-s that originated the creation. There’s nothing else left to discover then. And the world knows that most saints and mystics loved taking the human form on the Indian sub-continent that makes this country the greatest nation no matter what.

Queen Padmavati teaches us about something called as sanctity, loyalty and truthfulness in this world of pornograhy, dishonesty and thugism in relationships. It's all about respecting your BELOVED, as this is one of the stepping stones towards reaching the supreme. It is not only a question of physicality but spirituality. It is the height of Love. At the same time, suicide is no solution and is a heinous crime in the divine court, as this human body is a gift of the Lord... Our women should become powerful and physically fit enough to tackle any situation. Why they are so weak, out of shape and fatty?

Vegetarianism is also the most important ingredients of being pure in one’s heart and staying clean in mind. There is a Hindi saying, “Jaisa ann, waisaa mann” meaning we think what we eat or we are what we eat. So if we are eating decaying dead animals our mind will decay and will become filthy. Even the actor who played Khilji in the film said that he eat meat for over a year to ‘become the monster, the devil’ he portrays onscreen. And even in the film Khilji is shown eating carcinogenic dead bodies. The WHO site mentions the facts clearly, .

The following words of Kabir perfectly fit for this situation:

“The man who eat meat is a demon in human form,
Keep away from him -
His company will ruin your meditation.
Who eat meat and fish, who relish drugs & wine,
Their very roots as human beings
will be wiped out,
Like radishes uprooted by the farmer.”
-Saint Kabir

Lastly, we need to ask ourselves about reaching the pinnacle of Love, as we are aware after studying the holy books, that the aim of this human birth is to achieve the highest level of consciousness that is God, Lord, Holy Ghost or Spirit as the Bible says, ‘Naraayan’ as the Vedas announce, ‘Waheguru’ or ‘Kartaar’ as the Adi Granth describes, Al-Rehmaan, Al-Raheem, Allah, etc. as the Holy Quraan calls him or whatever name you give him. These are mere words. I can call the compound of 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 of oxygen as water, jal, aqua, paani, etc. in various languages which is immaterial; that doesn't change the entity. It is the power which has created the creation and we must get in touch with that celestial, omnipresent power before dying or leaving this human body. Christ said that, “Wise ladies always have the lantern, wick and the oil because when the darkness comes she is ready to eliminate that darkness with that lantern. But a foolish lady tries to find lamp at that time, oil & wick at that time. And in the darkness she cannot find anything at all.” Which means that we have to prepare ourselves now while in this human frame to eliminate the darkness from within us as nothing will be found suddenly after death! 
An illiterate won’t become a Ph.D after death!

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