Thursday, 15 November 2018

Learning Stillness from Devsena!

A perfect Master always asks his disciples to be absolutely still during meditation so that the soul prepares to leave the physical body and to understand it somewhat better, let’s understand it via a ‘Filmy Lesson’. 
I happen to see this super-interesting scene which appears at exact 55 minutes & 40 seconds runtime duration in the movie ‘Bahubali –The Conclusion’, where Devsena (soul) is absolutely absorbed & soaked in her beloved’s visual and loses her bodily conscience for that moment; teaches a meditator lot about the importance of being still. 
When she was absolutely motionless Bahubali (Master) was able to kill the dacoits (negative power). So, it is only when we are still our Master can erase our database of actions (karma).
-Mumbai, India, 16 November 2018


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