Saturday, 22 December 2018

“Director himself the Best Actor”

It is a great secret that the director of
the creation (God) is himself the best actor
here on the stage of Life on earth,
because he descends to this planet in the form
of a living perfect Master or a saint, who is
embodiment of the Lord himself.
Since the creation is created,
he has been coming on this
stage in the garb of a human being to
collect his marked allotted souls as per
their time and reveals his true identity to them.
At the same time acts as a normal human being
to keep the unmarked souls under the delusion
so that they don’t get attracted to him by
his spiritual radiance as their time to
return home has not yet arrived.
He even keeps the ‘slanderer’ posted
as ‘guard’ to drive those souls away from himself!
20 December 2018, Mumbai, India

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